Classes by ACL Photo:

please note in the 'requirement' section of any class:
if you don't have the equipment needed but still want
the class we can teach the class with our equipment.
All classes run one hour unless otherwise noted.

Photoshop 101:
1 hour class $55.00
If you are a novice photographer and own a copy of Photoshop or Elements but you just don't know where to start after you get your images into the computer, this is a great class for you. We'll start with an over view of the Photoshop work space and work our way into filters, color correction and sharpness.

This class can be taught either at ACL Photo (bring your own images or use ours) or at your location.

Photoshop 102:


1 hour class $55.00
For those that already know the basics of Photoshop but don't know about layers and how they can benefit you in your photos this class will take you to the next level. We will go over different layering techniques and how they can drastically better your images. We'll also go over how to remove unwanted items in your images as well as facial touch up.

This class can be taught either at ACL Photo (bring your own images) or at your location.

Nikon Creative Lighting System (NCLS) 101:
1 hour class $55.00
Do you own a nice Nikon SLR and a new speed light? Do you want to know how to work your flash off the camera without wires? This class will walk you through the details of how to fire your speed light/s off camera for a much better lighting affect.

This class requires a Nikon DSLR (D60, D80, D5000, D90, D200, D2x, D300, d700, D3, D3x) and an SB-R200, 600, 800 or 900) Earlier Nikon models will not work for this class. (Note: D2x, D3 & D3x require at least (2) external flashes and at least one must be a SB-800 or 900.)

Macro 101:

1 hour class $55.00
Macro Photography is all about getting close ups. From flowers to bugs... to just about anything small. We will set up in ACL Photos very own Macro Studio and spend an hour working on how to better achieve the results you're looking for. This is a great class for folks that want to take better eBay photos as well.

This class requires either an SLR with a macro specific lens or a point and shoot with a macro setting and a sturdy Tripod. We will provide the subject matter or feel free to bring your own.

Photography 101:
1 hour class $55.00
Did you get a nice new SLR for your birthday or Christmas, but have been in the "auto" mode ever since? Let us take you through the basics of shutter speeds and f-stops and how they relate to exposure and depth of field. We can spend the class in the environment you choose... if you want to learn in a Portrait studio we'll meet at ACL Photos studio, if you're more into nature shots we can meet at one of the many scenic areas around Colorado Springs.

This class requires a SLR with interchangeable lenses. (only one lens needed)

Studio/Lighting 101:

1 hour class $55.00
Ever wanted to learn more about the flash settings on your camera, or how to get dynamic shots in a studio environment? We can help you along your 'Path to the Light'. From a single on camera flash to multiple external flashes we'll walk you through the ins and the outs of studio lighting and on camera flash.

Combine this class with a one hour of studio rental and save $20.00 Come and take the class then have your family or friends come in after for a photo shoot to apply your new skills!

This class requires a SLR camera with a flash or a pc sync plug in.

Waterfalls 101:

1 hour class $55.00
This class is a perfect '102' after the photography 101 class above if you want to learn how to slow down time in your images and get that milky white water fall effect. We will either go to Green Mountain falls or Helen Hunt Falls for this class.

This class requires a SLR with interchangeable lenses. (only one lens needed) and a sturdy Tripod

Star Trails 101:
(2 hour class $75.00)

In this class we will teach you the skills needed to capture the rotation of the earth in the stars. This is of course a night class and we generally hold it at Garden Of the Gods. Most exposures will run from 10 min to an hour.

This class requires a SLR with interchangeable lenses. (only one lens needed) and a sturdy Tripod. You will also need a remote shutter trigger to take this class and a camera capable of 'bulb mode' if you need help with compatibility of your equipment please let us know.

Gift Cards and bulk class discounts available.



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