Services and Reprint Prices:

5X7 From YOUR file* $3.00 each
8X10 From YOUR file* $7.50 each
11X14 From YOUR file* $12.50 each
16X20 From YOUR file* $23.50 each
20X30 From YOUR file* $38.50 each
24X36 From YOUR file* $96.00 each
Photography/Photoshop Classes $50.00 per hour
Studio Rental (plug & shoot)** $25.00 per hour
Photo Restoration $25.00 - $200.00
Digital Image touch up $25.00 per hour
Video Transfer $25.00 per hour
Web Site Design $25.00 per hour

We can print on many paper types: Canvas, Watercolor, Glossy, Matte and others.
Please add 15% for canvas prints.

*These prices are for prints from your own file and do not apply to any image ACL Photo has shot UNLESS you bought the copyrights.

**Plug and shoot applies to photographers familiar with a studio environment and can simply plug into our lights and shoot, should you need advice on how to shoot in a studio the fee is $50 this includes one hour of studio instruction and one hour of studio rental. These 2 hours do not have to run back to back. We have over 20 backgrounds for you to use and you may use our props or you may bring your own props and backgrounds. We have a HD TV and computer system for you to use for your sitting. There are also printers in the studio that you may use to print on (up to 13 inches wide), please add the costs for prints above for any prints you want to make.



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