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Reprint Prices
Please note that any photo can be ordered in Black & White or in Black & White plus color.
See an example of Black & White verses Color.
See an example of Black & White plus Color.

Sitting Fee for all Portraits $100.00 per Hour (min 1 hour)
Location Fee for all Portraits* $35.00 per location
Black & White Plus Color Add $35 to any print
Photo Collage Add $35 - $100 to any print
Wallets (8) $4.00
3X5 ~ 4X6 ~ 5X7 $10.00
8X10 $15.00
11X14** $35.00
16X20** $80.00
24X36 poster** $250.00
Custom size** Email for price
Low Resolution CD ROM*** $50.00
High Resolution CD ROM $100.00 - $400.00****
Internet upload for 60 days Free with shoot
Digital Image touch up $25.00 per hour
Web Site Design $25.00 per hour

*On Location fees may vary if travel outside of Colorado Springs is required.
**11x14's and high sizes can take up to 3 weeks during busy times to print.
***CD ROM images are low resolution and not intended for reprints, only for distribution via the Internet. For reprints please contact ACL Photo.
**** High resolution cd's are for reprinting up to 11X14. Price depends upon the amount of images.

Photo Albums and Frames Available also.

Some prices my vary

When requesting photos please include the following information:

The URL the photo is on.
Your full name if it's a portrait or wedding shot.
The photo number (if it has one)
The name or caption (if it has one).
A brief description of the photo. Email to me here.


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