The 11th Annual Tribute to John Denver in
Aspen Colorado @ the Wheeler Opera House
Featuring John Denver's Band Members


Judson - I just received your photo DVD.
I finally had a chance to view your Wheeler concert photos.
THEY ARE AWESOME - great job. I will post a few on my website with credits.

Chris Nole: Former John Denver band member

Chris Nole, Karmen Dopslaff & Jim Salestrom

Jim Salestrom

Mack Bailey

Mollie Weaver

Bill Danoff

Chris Nole

Denny Brooks

Chris Nole

John Denvers Flowers... in the right hands!

Karmen Dopslaff & John Sommers

Jim Salestrom, Irma Deutschendorf, Mack Bailey, Ronald Deutschendorf,
Chris Nole & Pete Huttlinger

Jim Salestrom, John Sommers & Pete Huttlinger

Pete Huttlinger

John Sommers

Mollie Weaver & Chris Nole

Alan Deremo

Chris Nole

The 2007 New Years Eve John Denver Tribute


Pete Huttlinger

Rusty Crossland & Denny Brooks

Pete Huttlinger

Ron Deutschendorf (John Denvers Brother) & Karmen Dopslaff

Don Grove

Denny Brooks

Mollie Weaver & Mack Bailey

Chris Nole

The 2002 Tribute to John Denver

Vince Gill & Amy Grant, along with
several of John Denver's Band Members,
Sponsored by the
R.H. Crossland Foundation

Founder of the R H Crossland Foundation Rusty & Ann Crossland with Vince Gill & Amy Grant Judson Crossland & Shannon Lasco

Mollie Weaver & Amy Grant

Rusty & Ann Founders of
The R.H. Crossland Foundation

Vince Gill & Amy Grant in concert

Vince & Jim

Vince Gill

Judson & Shannon with cofounder of Challenge Aspen Amanda Boxtel

Bill Danoff, Mollie Weaver & Amy Grant

Jim, Mollie and Mack

Vince, Amy & Denny Brooks

Vince Gill

Bill, Mollie & Amy

Bill, Mollie & Amy

Mack Baily & Denny Brooks


Bill, Mollie & Amy

Mack Baily

Vince Gill & Amy Grant

Houston, cofounder of Challenge Aspen

Vince & Amy @ the Auction

Vince & Amy @ the Auction

Jim Horn @ the Auction


"Almost Heaven" painting by John DeMont

John DeMont signing a canvas print of "Almost Heaven"


Mack Bailey
Challenge Aspen
Amy Grant
The R.H. Crossland Foundation

Vince Gill
John Sommers
John Denver
Mollie Weaver
Bill Danoff



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